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Violin Bows $250 - $499

Emile Rameau

The bounce of this violin bow is great, and would greatly aid the advancing student in developing their off-the-string strokes. The stick is pernambuco with nickel winding and a leather grip, and the nickel mounted ebony frog has Parisian eyes and a mother of pearl frog.

Jan Kriml

This violin bow was made in Germany in the 1940s to be sold in the American market. It has a firm pernambuco stick that can take a lot of pressure before 'bottoming out'. The bow has faux whale bone winding with a leather grip, and a nickel-silver mounted ebony frog with mother of pearl eyes and slide.

G. Werner

A nice, cleanly made bow with quick response and minimal string noise. The pernambuco stick is adorned with nickel-silver winding and a leather grip, and accompanied by a nickel-silver mounted ebony frog with Parisian eyes and a mother of pearl slide.

Coda "Prodigy"

True to its name, the PRODIGY delivers a gifted performance. Precision-engineered to provide select professional characteristics at a pre-professional price, the PRODIGY boasts exceptional performance for exceptional students. The dynamically balanced shaft offers off-string agility commonly reserved for high-performance bows while also providing the on-string forgiveness and comfort desired by young players. Avaliable in 3/4 and full sizes

Coda Diamond NX

The shared dream of master makers and professional teachers, the DIAMOND NX offers advanced performance for serious players Agile and accommodating, the NX elevates, advancing players to new levels.

Jon Paul Matrix Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

The carbon fiber stick of this violin bow is quite lively and flexible, but not so much so that it cannot dig in and draw a powerful tone. It is solidly constructed, nicely appointed, and it's affordability makes it well worth considering for a violinist seeking a quality and responsive carbon fiber bow at a more modest price. The frog is silver mounted ebony with Parisian eyes and a mother of pearl slide, and the carbon fiber stick is a deep garnet color.

Jon Paul Fusion Violin Bow

This violin bow showcases true innovation and new directions in bowmaking. The stick is carbon fiber, but it has been wrapped in a thin sheet of pernambuco, giving it the appearance of a wooden bow with the exciting characteristics of a carbon fiber bow! These are fine playing bows, and we invite you to come in and try them out for yourself. This bow has nickel silver winding and a leather grip, and a nickel silver mounted ebony frog with Parisian eyes and a mother of pearl slide.

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