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 "I came to the violin shop with a violin and i think his name was maybe Steven, Stephan, i do not remember. I knew nothing about this violin but he was able to explain and help me out with everything and this was a great customer service experience. He was very friendly and patient despite my ignorance. Definetly comming here again for everything i need musically. The products here reasonably priced. Not like most music stores that will double their prices."

- 5 Star Google Review by  Abel Jimenez, February 2017

"From the point of view of a violin teacher, and performer, who has lived and worked on three continents, I can wholeheartedly say that Classic Violins is outstanding. I truly have been able to count on their expertise and superior artistry.
I commissioned both a violin and cello to be hand-made, masterfully, from wood that was seasoned so well the resonance is other-worldly. This investment has proven to be excellent; I am very happy with the instruments and my family feels that we have priceless treasures.
I used to be lucky enough to live within walking distance of their legendary multi-generational family business, and was able to help my students from nearby. Now that I am out of state, I know that I can still recommend them, and depend on their continued service; they are able to ship instruments and to take care of advanced students' needs as well as help the younger beginning students, or adult students whose instruments need repair and maintenance.
They will always be my home away from home, and are worth the visit. "

- 5 Star Google Review by  Kirsten Stromberg , March 2016


“I am very pleased with the customer service and quality of the violin I bought at Classic Violins. The Classic Violins team is very friendly and professional. The ease of buying an instrument and the care they took to help pick out the best fit for me, in terms of sound, price, make, etc,  was truly amazing. There was no rush and no selling tactics. I appreciated the honest advice and knowledge sharing they provided. If you are a picky person (as I am), Classic Violins is THE place to go as they have a wide selection of quality instruments. Thank you Classic Violins!”

- 5 Star Google Review by Music Beat, September 2015

“Classic Violins has always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with through the past several years. When it came time to finally purchase my son's violin they took time to explain the process and gave us as much time as we needed to figure it all out. We will continue to come back here for all of our strings needs in the future.

- 5 Star Google Review by Nicole Young, October 2015

“I'm pleased with them. Thank you so much, Stephanie! I would have to change my mind and say that they have wonderful customer service and what is better is that they care about every individual and try to work toward the best solution. In my case, we have compromised to change into the one month billing process and refund the left over money of which we paid for the 3 month billing. I'm very satisfied and happy with their services. Also, as a customer who used the viola from there, I could now say that even though it costs more than other string instrument shops, the viola makes a flawless sound. Furthermore, when I went there to get problems fixed for my viola, such as armrest shift or buying books, they had provided with delicate care and excellent service.  They are so AMAZING. I definitely recommend this place to go.”

- 5 Star Google Review by Jeesu Choi, August 2015

“After renting a violin from Classic violins for a couple of years, we recently purchased a violin and bow from them. They have a generous rental credit option and a wide range of instruments to choose from. If you think you may end up purchasing a violin, I recommend that you rent from Classic Violins to take advantage of this credit and a quality instrument to learn on. The service has always been excellent, and the facility is very nice. When we were in the process of selecting items for purchase, the staff was very helpful and easy to work with. We spent a considerable amount of time trying violins there and at home before we settled on the right combination of violin and bow. We experienced no pressure or attempts to up-sell, and I believe our purchase was a good value. I live in Racine, WI, but the drive is easily worth it (especially if you can work in a stop at Gurnee Mills.)”

- 5 Star Google Review by Cheryl Frantz, March 2015

“Wonderful shop, I come here often when I am back in town. Lovely people, good prices, and great service!”

- 5 Star Google Review by Aviva, violin performance, University of Michigan

“Knowledgeable, great service, high quality instruments.”

- 5 Star Google Review by Carrie Roming, September 2015

“So, I am unlike other people who walk into this store. I recently purchased a cheap, simple lap harp to try my hand at creating some music in my home; albeit obviously simplistic tunes. Sadly, the harp I purchased was waaay out of tune; even my tone deaf ears could tell. So, I called up the lovely people at Classic Violins, and 1. they did not mock my instrument and 2. they tuned it beautifully. Absolutely lovely people; I heartily recommend using their services! A special thank you to Spencer!”

- 5 Star Google Review by Jennifer LaBash, January 2015

“We have rented from Classic Violins for about nine years, and purchased two instruments.  All of my children's private and ensemble teachers, including two CSO members, have been impressed with both our rental and purchased instruments (particularly for the price, but regardless). All of our experiences with service at Classic Violins have been extraordinarily positive. Even after we purchased a cello for our high school senior to take to college as a cello major and had a freak! accident within a few months, leaving a hole in the rib, they were very gracious and helpful. The repair was unbelievable - there is no evidence of any issue cosmetically or in the sound.  I particularly appreciate the consideration we receive in working with them as we live 45-60 minutes away. Again, they ALWAYS go out of their way to accommodate our complicated schedule. All in all, from our experience and in what the experts (the teachers) have reflected, they are particular about quality and take great pride in their craftsmanship and products.”

- 5 Star Google Review by Constance Lyda, January 2015

“Classic Violins in Mundelein deserves an absolute recommendation from me for anyone who wishes to purchase or rent a string instrument, be it violin, viola, cello, or bass. The staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable, and is incredibly helpful in choosing the right instrument for you, particularly in the purchasing process. I recently purchased a cello from them after renting one for quite a while, and they were dedicated and informative in helping me pick out a cello within a reasonable price range. Personally, I recommend taking advantage of their rent credit policy and renting an instrument for a while to accumulate credit (up to $1000) to put towards purchasing an instrument. Overall, Classic Violins is a perfect source for any persons interested in renting/purchasing a string instrument in the Chicago area.”

- 5 Star Google Review by Max Z., January 2015

“They are friendly, warm and helpful. We have been a customer for over 2 years starting as a rental and moving to own. The staff was kind enough to point out when we reached our limit of equity in our rental. They were extremely patient and kind with my son as he worked through the bow and cello purchase process. Highly recommend.”

- 5 Star Google Review by Web Allen, October 2014

“We were looking for a step up violin for my teenage son who has been taking lessons for a bit over a year. We spent months looking for violins in our price range through several violin shops. Each of the shops allowed us to take violins for a week, so that we can try them and show them to his teacher. Of the many shops we visited, we felt that at Classic, they cared about instruments. The violins are welled care for and kept in a controlled environment in their shop. Dana and Spencer showed us many beautiful instruments in our price range and violin bows as well. We were allowed to borrow them for several weeks. They were very patient and knowledgeable as they are both violinists. Everyone at Classic has been friendly and professional. You can tell they take pride in their work. Although we eventually found our violin from a different shop, I would recommend Classic violins to anyone who is interested in renting or purchasing string instruments. Thank you Dana and Spencer!

- 5 Star Google Review by Kam M., 2014

“I have been a customer at Classic Violins for many years and have always received excellent and friendly service.  We have rented instruments from them, I've had students purchase instruments here, and I take my violin in regularly for maintenance and repair.  I recently brought my violin in for a bridge replacement, and in addition to taking care of that they cleaned my instrument without my even asking.  It came back to me sounding great and looking terrific!”

- 5 Star Google Review by Deborah Inman, 2014

“Purchased a hand made violin and am very happy with the performance. Rick took time with us to go through the various instruments and provided a patient ear during the selection process. He went over details including bow selection and not only had me play each instrument but he also played each as well. I think that we received courteous and professional attention and the group could not have been more helpful. I also think that the pricing is quite fair and the service received was exemplary. We have been long time leasees of instruments at Classic and will continue to work with them even though we come up from La Grange which is a bit of a trip.

- 5 Star Google Review by Anonymous, 2011

Facebook Feedback for Classic Violins


This place is amazing - the moment I walked through the door, I felt like I was home. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly,the service is wonderful and their instruments are top quality and affordably priced - I wish every place I shop could be like this!

Thoughtful, helpful, wonderful craftspeople / artisans. Old world feel with young world vibe. Didn't want to leave!

“I just had a sound post adjustment done today at Classic Violins, and I have never been happier with the sound of my violin. Well done Plamen, thank you!”

- Philip Roach, Facebook, July 7, 2015

“Made a recent purchase of a very nice 2005 George Shumanov model violin--wonderful, rich sound and lovely to listen to. Can't wait to hear it in concert in another week!”

- Sherri Schnipke, Facebook, December 1, 2011

This place is awesome! Totally recommend them. Good quality instruments that's tailored for the student. Everything u need comes with the rental and the extras are very affordable. Cheapest rental I found for the higher quality instrument! Worth the drive.”

- Jennifer Schleyhahn, Facebook, August 29, 2011

Yelp Reviews for Classic Violins


I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years. They repaired my father's old violin for my son to  play, rented violins for my children, and most recently helped my daughter select a violin to purchase. Every experience I've had has been very pleasant and easy. They are knowledgeable, honest, helpful, and friendly, and when I wanted to shop for a new violin but gave them very little warning, they were very accommodating! My daughter is very pleased with her new violin, and I was pleased to be able to let her try it out for a week and have it approved by her violin teacher before I finalized the sale. I also enjoyed using my accrued rental credit! Parking used to be a bit tight, but with the relatively recent repaving of the lot, it is now quite easy to get in and out! (Thanks for that, guys!) This is a really good place for strings - quality instruments, quality people.


We rented a variety of string instruments from Classic Violins over nine years for our four children.  Each of my visits to the shop were pleasant and I received quality customer service from the staff members.  We finally took the plunge to purchase a cello for one of our children and the experience was exceptional.  The playing rooms, where the student can try playing different instruments was lovely.  The service was exceptional.  All of our questions were answered with great clarity.  The staff's patience, as we progressed through our visit, was appreciated.  I highly recommend people looking for a quality shop to rent an instrument for themselves or their child to look no further.  In my humble opinion, you have found the right place.
Michelle G.
,Chicago, IL, 10/17/2016

I just started taking Violin lessons January 2016 with Dana at Classic Violins. She is extremely patient.  I am an adult learner and really appreciated the patience and instruction.  The ONLY reason why I have ended my lessons is because I have relocated to another state.  I purchased my very first violin at Classic Violins and never felt pressured.  As a matter of fact, I was given the opportunity to take the violin home and try it out in my personal surroundings.  Dana is very helpful in guiding a beginner in selecting the right instrument.  

I HIGHLY recommend Classic Violins for ALL of your instrument needs and lessons!
Vanessa S.
,Round Lake, IL, 10/16/2016


 In 2012 I began cello lessons, and I rented my cello from classic violins. The instrument they gave me was very nice, and when I broke a couple of strings, they were very efficient at replacing them. I always found the service to be excellent and they were very accommodating to my various requests. When it came time to purchase an instrument, I applied the rental equity toward purchasing the instrument I had been renting. I have just been very happy with all of my dealings with classic violin. I recommend this shop.

 Judy K. Libertyville, IL, 1/9/2016

 “Very good service, everyone was patient through the process.”

- Yelp Review by Wayne B. from Waukegan, IL, left on May 8, 2015

“As an instructor and performer, I can wholeheartedly recommend Classic Violins. I consider them to be consummate artists in their craftsmanship of commissioned instruments. Their attention to detail and superb, award-winning instruments have been very important to my own music-making, and to the creativity of my students. I can vouch for the feedback my students have gotten, playing a Classic Violin instrument, when auditioning for the very best universities worldwide. Petio Kostov, George Shumanov, Plamen Tchavdarov, and the entire staff deserve the accolades they have earned. During the time I worked in the Chicago area, they were my first choice in taking care of my professional instrument; my first choice for student purchases and rentals. Now, 1500 miles away, I consider them my home away from home, and I am still recommending their fine instruments, which can be shipped for trial. I miss being nearby!”

- Yelp Review by Kirsten Stromberg from Mundelein, IL, left on March 26, 2015

“Wonderful shop! Classic violins is an excellent choice when looking for string instruments to buy, rent, or repair. They are honest, knowledgeable, excellent violin/cello makers. I have worked with them for over ten years, and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their rental instruments are of much higher quality than you can find elsewhere, they are expertly set-up, and at a very reasonable price. Their instruments for purchase are excellent, and are a great value for the price you pay.  They are wonderful to work with, and will go above and beyond to help you in any way they can. You won't find a better string shop to deal with. I am a professional cellist and teacher and I have taken my instruments and to them for many years. Petio and Plamen are wonderful luthiers and have kept my instruments in good shape over the years. I recommend them to all my students, and have always been pleased with their service. Their rental equity program is also a great asset to make the first-time purchase of an expensive string instrument easier.”

- Yelp Review by H M from Dallas, TX, left on November 19, 2015

“This violin shop carries quality instruments priced well. We've been renting 3/4 violin for more than a year and built equity towards purchase of full size violin for my son. Our experience trying different instruments was great and we received quality time and attention. Spencer, who helped us with choosing violin and bow was very knowledgeable and friendly. I also had my own instrument evaluated and appraised and received a quality evaluation from Spencer with their recommendations I already recommended this place to a friend of mine.”

- Yelp Review by Al B from Glenview, IL, left on November 7, 2014

“Great place to rent and purchase violins. My two kids started the school orchestra program in 4th grade and rented the violins from them through 6th grade. Now my kids are 7th grade and all grown up ready for their full size instruments so we just purchased two from their shop. They offered great help in the purchase process starting from the one week trial period (take home the violin for two weeks actually because teacher wasn't available to on the first week of school and they were very cool about the extension), to the choices of bows and cases. Every step they offered professional helps and very patient on explaining and answering our questions. Special thanks to Stefanie who is extremely nice to us. Very happy to finally getting the violins :).”

- Yelp Review by Charlene I. from Barrington, IL, left on October 4, 2014

“All you need to do is call or walk into the Classic Violin store to experience the friendly, welcoming attitude of all of the staff. We have been using CV for over 2 years, starting with a 3/4 cello rental and most recently purchasing a bow, cello and case. The staff was patient and kind with my 14 year old as he 'tried out' cellos and bows. We had dealings with another local music store and Classic Violins is above and beyond in service. They treat you like family. Highly recommend!!”

- Yelp Review by Mary E. from Lybertyville, IL, left on August 23, 2014

“Huge thanks to Classic Violins for delivering strings at a wedding reception! My string broke and I called Classic, they arrived within 10 minutes of the call and saved the wedding. Thanks so much, you guys rock!”

- Yelp Review by Sal A. from Mundelein, IL, left on August 19, 2014

“Classic Violins have been really great to work with in this entire process of buying a new violin for my son. They were very accommodating to let us bring home several violins and bows to try after the wonderful first visit of trying many violins/bows at their store. Very nice people and very knowledgeable about their instruments.”

- Yelp Review by Andrea T. from Libertyville, IL, left on July 28, 2014

“Always great service and top-notch quality. I have purchased an instrument from them, and they are definitely great at what they do. I have also gotten a bow rehair, and it came back looking better than ever.”

- Yelp Review by Erin R. from Wauconda, IL, left on June 3, 2014

“I recently brought my violin in for a bridge replacement. Now it sound great and looks even better! Thank you so much for cleaning it up for me. I really appreciate the wonderful service I receive from all of you.”

- Yelp Review by Deborah I. from Palatine, IL, left on January 29, 2014

“We have used them for many years renting two different instruments. They are knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend them.”

- Yelp Review by Marie G. from Lake Zurich, IL, left on July 16, 2013