Classic Violins - Andrea "Piacere" Rosin for Violin and Viola

Andrea "Piacere" Rosin for Violin and Viola

Price: $39.99

This Violin Rosin from Andrea Bang is specially formulated for violin soloists. Rosins for solo instruments induce powerful sound from soloist's instrument so that the solo sound is not buried in the orchestra sound. They provide more 'unleashed' and 'voicing-out' sound. Andrea Bang rosin was developed by Mr. Andrea Bang, inventor of the highly acclaimed Tartini Rosin. Maestro Bang continued his research and development work for further improvement of Tartini rosin while Tartini fast established itself as the premium brand in the market. The fruit of years' effort is the Andrea Bang line of rosin, the world's first rosin with an extensive product range that suits almost every instrument type and playing environment.


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