Classic Violins String Rental Program

Our String Instrument Rental Program

A young person’s success and continued enjoyment of music depends on three important elements working together equally:

  1. An excellent teacher with the right personality;
  2. Ample encouragement at home and school; and,
  3. A quality instrument that is crafted well and set up properly to achieve the most beautiful sound and ease of playability.

At Classic Violins, we specialize in the art and science of making and maintaining violin-family instruments. We do not compromise on quality, and this takes time and expertise. When you rent from Classic Violins you can count on a well-made instrument that sounds great, a professional repair staff with decades of experience, and quick and friendly service, all for a very competitive rate. Please check the Testimonials page for the feedback from our customers!

About Rental Instruments at Classic Violins

We are different from other violin shops in the way we make and maintain our rental instruments. We carry hand-made and hand-varnished instruments that meet the highest standards available anywhere. Each rental outfit includes an instrument, bow with horsehair, rosin, case violins and violas or padded bag for cellos and basses. In summary, this is what you get:

  1. Hand made instrument from high quality European maple and spruce;
  2. Hand-varnished with alcohol varnish;
  3. Set up with ebony fingerboards and pegs;
  4. Set up with professional-grade strings and tailpiece with built-in tuners (except bass);
  5. Set up with individually fitted French bridge and sound post;
  6. Equipped with a bow with horse hair;
  7. Maintained by professional violin makers, graduates of the Chicago School of Violin Making and members of the Violin Society of America and American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers;
  8. Each rental outfit includes an instrument, bow with horse hair, rosin, and case.

Standard vs. Upgraded Rentals

In addition to the standard rental quality instrument described above, you have an option of using the upgraded outfit. Here's the difference between two outfits:

  1. Standard rental instruments are for young and beginner players. Your child will likely grow through several different sizes of instruments before graduating to a full size.Starting them off on a standard quality outfit is a commonly preferred choice;
  2. Upgraded rentals are recommended for serious and advanced students in need of an instrument with a higher potential. The outfit includes an instrument selected from our sales inventory with Evah Pirazzi, Obligato or Dominant strings, higher quality wooden bow, professional rosin and an upgraded case.

Rental Fees

Instrument Monthly 
with M&R
with M&R
with M&R
Violin/Viola - Fraction Sizes $23.50 $64.50 $41.00/month
Violin/Viola - Full Size (14" - 16.5") $33.50 $85.00 $52.00/month
Cello - Fraction Sizes $31.00 $87.00 $64.00/month
Cello - Full Size $45.00 $120.00 $75.00/month
Double Bass - Any Size N/A $195.00 N/A

Billing and Payment

Rental statements will be sent to your home address, after which you can choose to pay in the way that is most convenient – either send us a check, come to the store to pay cash, check, or credit card, pay over the phone by credit card, or set up payments through your online banking service. If you prefer, you can have your statements sent to your email address, or have your card charged automatically. We accept Visa, Master Card, or Discover.

What is Accumulated Rental Equity?

During the time you rent an instrument from us, you are building up rental equity with each payment. You can accumulate up to $1,000 of rental equity, which can be applied towards 30% of the purchase price of any instrument. The amount that you accumulate is good for as long as you rent an instrument, regardless of size switches. Rental M&R fee and late fee payments do not apply to purchase. Certain limitations apply, please call for more details.

Rental Maintenance and Repair Coverage

Renters can take advantage of our M & R coverage (included in the prices above) which limits the liability of the renter for the cost of potential repairs or maintenance that arise from normal use of the instrument, bow, and case. Please refer to the Rental Agreement terms and conditions for more information.